Thomas Realty Vancouver


Sell your home in Vancouver

Your first step:

 Locate a realtor who can get you the best service and  the best price for your property.

Right Pricing is critical

Pricing is very important in selling your house fast.

Overpricing can minimize the offers and divert prospective buyers to other competitive properties in the market. Overpricing minimize showings, reduce agent's response, limits financing and reduce qualified buyers. If you are planning to sell fast, price the property at the recent market conditions. I will make a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) report which will show a range of prices that reflect the current market price. 

Make you home "sellable"

 Some personal tastes won’t appeal to prospective buyers. Make your home attractive when comparing to competing homes in the area. Maintain the property, and give special attention to every nook and corner.

Being  organized will make matters easy.

Use my professional marketing program to sell your Vancouver Home.I will work with you to develop a marketing program, catered specially to your wants and needs. This begins with Internet Marketing System which includes website advertising and MLS listing.

Through the internet your property will be available to all the local and international buyers.

Remember, I will be working with you in every step to make sure that your property gets the best price, sells within the shortest time, and you get the best service.